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Redur implements a customized WMS for its Warehosue

Customised warehouse solution

+1,700 professionals

15 logistics platforms

250,000 m2 footprint

+1,700 vehicles

REDUR at a glance

REDUR is a young, full-service logistics, transport and distribution provider with a network all of its own on the Iberian Peninsula and Islands and a strong presence in Europe through its shareholdings in the Eurodis network. It offers immediate and precise solutions for the most demanding service requirements, with local, customized and human face.

The company is a success in its market thanks to its very dense networks of branches and its highly sophisticated operating processes with a highly technological component.

Customized warehouse Solution

Having a warehouse management system which is reliable, complete, communicative and quick to implement is a significant advantage for a provider of logistics services.

To achieve this goal, REDUR entrusted its Algete platform to the warehouse management system (WMS), in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode to the Generix Group.

The main objectives in the search for a warehouse management system solution were:


The operation of REDUR's logistics platform can be adapted to the various management tools used by the company's clients since, via the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), it establishes the interfaces required to connect these tools with their WMS.

The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a solution for the electronic exchange of data, with which it is possible to exchange any document (orders, shipping notice, invoices, etc.). It offers them the flexibility of a configurable tool and the ease of use of a web-based service, simultaneously guaranteeing the security and confidentiality of their exchanges.


Benefits obtained

The Warehouse Management System (WMS) has cut costs across the entire supply chain by providing greater accuracy in forecasts, which in turn gives rise to a reduction in inventories, a decrease in stock shortages and better customer service by satisfying quantities and delivery dates. All of this translates in turn into greater revenues by increasing sales, making the company more competitive with better service and a fresher product for the end customer.


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