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EDI white paper
By Olivia Riant
on 27 Sep 2018 11:39 AM

EDI, or electronic data interchange, is one of the building blocks of multi-company collaboration. As a secure and structured exchange technology, it has attracted the attention of many companies for sending business, logistic and financial documents. Although the model is efficient and in widespread use, there is still room for advancement.  What are the opportunities for advancement? What are the specific advantages of this model? Your questions answered in the latest white paper by Generix Group and GS1. 


Why write a white paper about EDI?  

At the heart of many companies, EDI has a privileged position. This model converts data exchanged to a standardized format, one that the various collaborators have agreed on and one that their information systems can decode.  Not only does this technology ensure secure exchanges but it also automates them. As such, the teams of Generix Group and GS1 have decided to write a white paper on the topic to highlight these advantages... but that’s not all. 
In view of recent progress made in multi-company collaboration, electronic data interchange now has new opportunities for change. Blockchain, API, collaborative platform: all these new tools have started to challenge the role of the model. In this context, the future of EDI is uncertain; therefore, the experts from Generix Group and GS1 aim to provide answers in this document. 


What’s inside the white paper 

This white paper, product of a joint collaboration between the two companies, is divided into 7 chapters: 


Now you know: EDI has just as many promises as it has opportunities for progress, and has become the foundation of efficient multi-company collaboration today. Now, what’s left to figure out: how the perspectives discussed in this white paper will transform the model. To understand the issue from all its angles, download the white paper by Generix Group and GS1 by clicking on the button below! 


Download the EDI white paper

Olivia Riant

Group Communications Manager