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By Christophe Kuhner
on 13 Oct 2016 11:50 AM
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There is not one supply chain in the industry that can be truthfully considered risk-proof. Whether caused by human error or due to the unpredictability of nature, any type of issue can crop up without notice. Our aim at Generix Group is not to pretend that we can remove all risks from the equation, but instead to create solutions that present a greater overview of all channels involved and thereby provide a more proactive service in general.

Anticipating risks

During a speech at the 2015 Generix Perspectives Day, our EVP of Marketing and Strategy, Marc Laporte, touched upon the critical importance of being able to anticipate risks. In the end, it all boils down to keeping your client happy. If you can anticipate an issue before your client notices, then you have already taken the first important step toward ensuring client satisfaction. 

Proactive action

Proactivity is a keystone in ensuring that any business continues to run smoothly. For example, if a vendor experiences a sudden and unexpected spike in orders, access to real-time information from the entire chain will allow them to step in and proactively manage potential delays or issues before they cause a chain reaction down the line, providing them with the ability to either fix any issues or rapidly warn their clients of any delays.

Visibility and fluidity

Our vision at Generix Group inclines us to maintain an ongoing conversation with our partners and clients so that we can all learn together how to make it easier for businesses to adapt and shift focus at the drop of a hat.  Requirements change at such a rapid rate and so there must be developed sturdy yet adaptable solutions that can be managed, overseen, and distributed at any level.
Join the next Generix Perspectives Day on November 17 to learn more about how Generix Group can provide complete tracking visibility at all levels.

Christophe Kuhner

VP Field Marketing & Communication & Product Marketing Manager « Sales Marketing »