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By Christophe Kuhner
on 08 Nov 2016 10:55 AM
  • Digital transformation
  • eLogistics
The main goal in business is alway the building and maintenance of client trust. Trust drives productivity, sales, referrals and retained clients. Trust is of crucial importance to Generix Group, and this is always a significant thinking point in our product development. How can we make sure our clients trust us and that their clients trust them, especially in this modern world of advancing digital technology?

The evolution of client needs

During the 2015 Perspectives Day, our CEO, Jean-Charles Deconninck, brought up the idea of how we need to change our traditional ways of developing client trust. In today’s world of evolving technology and rapidly changing logistics, our clients’ requirements have changed. It has therefore become necessary to change the ways of consistently meeting our clients’ needs and expectations. 

Blending traditional and new client values

At Generix Group, trust is something that is not only gained through the traditional channels of hard work, meeting deadlines, and client promises and expectations. It is also gained through modern techniques, such as the ability to always understand new requirements, and easily gauge and implement new requests and needs. 

Looking at the bigger picture

Technologies and challenges may evolve, but we stay ahead of the game by keeping our sights on the bigger picture. We embrace a holistic approach towards business and anticipating client needs. By providing solid and adaptable platforms to our clients, even as logistics continue to change, we can build strong foundations of trust and partnerships while still meeting their needs and requirements.
In the end, it always falls back to the promise that we make to our clients. That promise should be one that we can always keep, however rapidly and often it may change.
Join the next Generix Perspectives Day on November 17 to learn more about how we can help you keep your promises.


Christophe Kuhner

VP Field Marketing & Communication & Product Marketing Manager « Sales Marketing »