[Interactive infographic] Supply Chain: 10 Shared Supply Management Models

Published on 30 November 2020

Supply Chain: 10 Shared Supply Management Models
Christophe Viry
Directeur Stratégie & Produit
Supply Chain

Pooling resources and collaborating with the various players in the Supply Chain improves supply performance. To take this step, through interactive content discover these 10 reliable and proven models of Shared Supply Management.

Supply management: direct collaboration with manufacturers

Several players can enter the Supply Chain loop - for example, you can contact the manufacturers directly to manage supplies. There are four main Shared Management solutions to working with manufacturers:

  • Co-Managed Inventory (CMI): manufacturers handle the supplies.
  • SSM Point of sale: the manufacturer has access to sales data and stock levels to deliver to the point of sale or distribution center, without going through an intermediary.
  • Le Multidrop: manufacturers work together to deliver more quickly to customers that they have in common.
  • Deported, advanced or consigned stock: the supplier collaborates with various manufacturers in the sector to ensure better visibility of the sales and flow of its products.

Suppliers and distributors at the helm of the Supply Chain

Other supply management models require the intervention (and collaboration) of the supplier and distributor. Three of these are:

  • Collaborative Planning Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR). The supplier and distributor manage the sales forecasting, promotion and marking of the products.
  • Retailer Managed Inventory (RMI). The distributor calculates supply itself before sending firm orders to the supplier.
  • The Centre for Consolidation and Collaboration (3C). Particularly suited to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the 3C solution is perfect for organizing frequent and fast deliveries, without having significant logistical resources.

Mutualizing the assets means ensuring smooth functioning of the Supply Chain. All supply management methods are advantageous - provided you know the conditions to choose what is best-suited to your needs. Want to know more? View the interactive content to uncover the details of the 10 methods.


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