[Interview] Three questions for renaud vadon, Generix group’s vp of sales

Published on 12 May 2017

Sales Team-Supply Chain-Generix Group
Generix Group
Supply Chain

Renaud Vadon is Generix Group’s VP of Sales in France, which represents around 70% of the company’s annual turnover.

Can you tell us more about the Generix Group solutions that you represent and their reputation in the industry?

My team sells Supply Chain and Multi-Enterprise Collaboration solutions. Sales are currently balanced between supply chain and B2B integration. Our strategy is to sell both solutions in a SaaS mode especially to new customers, but we have also focused on upgrading existing on-premise customers to SaaS.

We have two flagship products: our Supply Chain Warehouse Management System (WMS) and our EDI multi-enterprise collaboration solution. These are the two solutions most frequently integrated into our clients’ systems. These solutions are evolutive: once integrated, we can then offer our clients other solutions or integration projects, such as our Transport Management System (TMS) or Yard Management System (YMS), as well as collaborative projects like our e-invoicing and portal solutions

The WMS and EDI markets are mature and very competitive: it is therefore up to us to continue to market innovative solutions that allow our clients to facilitate their business processes and grow their annual turnover. Generix Group is well-known in the supply chain area thanks to its integrated offering, from the dematerialization of logistic flows through logistics execution.


What is Generix Group’s national and international sales strategy?

Our strategy is to sell an integrated platform in SaaS mode, including supply chain and collaborative applications. We aim to have a larger and larger percentage of our revenue come from recurring revenue. Our strategy is also to expand internationally, earning 50% of our sales abroad in the medium-term. Ultimately, we would like to be more and more focused on major international supply chain projects.  


Can you tell us more about your clients and their ties to Generix Group?

We currently have 4 main types of clients: retail (Carrefour, Auchan, etc.), CPG (Nestlé, Danone, etc.), 3PL (XPO, Kuehne & Nagel, etc.), and manufacturing (PSA, Essilor, Safran etc). We manage our clients between key accounts (the biggest customers that we manage internationally), territorial accounts (those we manage via local sales), and smaller accounts that we manage either with internal sales or partners. We have some very longstanding clients, and in the near future we are planning on introducing some of them to our project roadmaps as well as taking into consideration their recommendations. 

Generix Group has a low churn rate. It is, however, very important to maintain customer satisfaction, especially as losing a SaaS customer results in the loss of recurring revenue. This is why we launch a yearly customer survey. It provides us with an outline of where we are doing well and in which areas we still need to improve. This really helps us to pinpoint action items and integrate changes to our solutions and services when necessary.