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By Christophe Kuhner
on 08 Sep 2016 11:20 AM
  • Digital transformation

From its beginnings, Generix Group has always held that market leadership and market education go hand in hand. In our three areas of digital commerce expertise—sales marketing, supply chain, and multi-enterprise collaboration—we’ve been an open book as far as knowledge sharing goes. Now it’s time we became an open blog, as well.

Welcome to Generix Blog

a dynamic space dedicated to doing digital business better. For us, that means mastering the total digital journey—including the many parts which take place offline, and especially the parts that concern what got us in this business in the first place: customer satisfaction.  
The purpose behind our sharing content here is no different from what drives the development of our SaaS platforms: the commitment to impart value to those seeking to optimize their business practices. Here, we will share the knowledge we have gained throughout our 27 years of mastering the many layers of digital commerce. We hope that by sharing this knowledge, we can be an even more significant part of an ever-improving global marketplace where happy employees, partners, and customers are the ultimate aim.
Although the value of our solutions is reflected in our offer, here we will focus on a free and open exchange of information pertinent to the needs of our core readership: employees and leaders alike looking for new ideas and inspiration to better manage and evolve their daily business practices.

What makes us tick?

In addition to practical guidance for your business, we will also use this space to showcase our own company culture, share our latest goings-on, and put a spotlight on some of the key individuals in our extended network of leaders, members, partners, and friends. By doing so, we hope to shed some light on what makes Generix Group tick.

Weekly content that serves you

What you will not find published here is self-serving or promotional material. If you are interested in learning more about our tools, or even demo-ing them, we invite you to please refer to our {{site map}} where you are sure to come across the information you are looking for. 
Welcome again to this new space that we have created for your reading and learning pleasure. Please feel free to bookmark us and check back often, as we promise to have new great content published weekly. 

Christophe Kuhner

VP Field Marketing & Communication & Product Marketing Manager « Sales Marketing »