Let’s talk about EDI and E-invoicing with GMI connectivity

Published on 18 September 2017

Generix Group
B2B Collaboration

GMI Connectivity was acquired by Generix Group two years ago and is currently managed by our subsidiary manager Emmanuel Loury. Founded in 1992, GMI Connectivity has a long history providing customers with innovative communication and collaboration solutions. Combining the professional services of developers, sales and marketing experts, trainers, and engineers, GMI Connectivity provides an all-in-one service from first client call, through installation and training, to post-installation, with consistent monitoring and check-ins.  

  • In terms of business integration, GMI Connectivity had previously been one of Generix Group’s competitors. We acquired GMI Connectivity two years ago and they have since become one of our highly valued subsidiaries. Based in Auxerre, France, GMI Connectivity today is an integral part of Generix Group’s extended family; however, they maintain their own successful modus operandi and business processes. The subsidiary is comprised of one subsidiary manager, Emmanuel Loury, and just under a dozen employees, who all work out of Auxerre.
  •  GMI Connectivity’s main target market is that concerning multi-enterprises collaboration, and their services include solutions for both e-invoicing and EDI. GMI Connectivity also provides solutions that have been created in particular to simplify the connections and transactions of client companies with banks and customs operators, important services for companies looking to interconnect their international offices and processes, as well as work seamlessly with international clients.
  •  While their main client base is located in France, GMI Connectivity also names a few clients in Belgium and Luxembourg. They are well-regarded on the national front, with clients from all types of industries, although their largest clients are traditional French manufacturers such as Andros and Panzani.  With a base of clientele stemming from the mid-market range, GMI Connectivity differentiates their solutions by vertical rather than location, and they are well-represented in all industry verticals, with rave reviews from their clients. With the ability to customize solutions depending on industry, GMI Connectivity provides collaborative solutions to simplify their clients’ business processes.
  •  The main key to success for GMI Connectivity is the ability to provide excellent and consistent customer service for all of their clients, no matter the size or service required. The subsidiary’s objective has always been to ensure that each client maintains the same point of contact at all times, and only ever has one or two company contacts, from the sales pitch through post-production. To quote Emmanuel Loury: “We speak on friendly terms with our client contacts; we know them well, and we always deal with all of their queries in a rapid manner.” This is the added value of GMI Connectivity.
  •  In terms of current events, GMI Connectivity will be providing several pertinent webinars in the near future, on hot topics such as e-invoicing.
  •  The outlook for 2017: In Emmanuel Loury’s eyes the company’s mission is very simple, and that is to maintain the consistency in client service quality after the departure of the company founder, Monsieur Guilbert, a month-and-a-half ago. Loury has positioned himself as the guarantor of continuity in order to ensure clients do not see a difference in the quality of service that they have always received. In terms of sales projections, GMI Connectivity will be working hard on expanding their client base in 2017, working on sales with prospective clients and adding new and complementary solutions to their portfolio.  

GMI Connectivity embodies the Generix Group mindset, providing our clients with innovative solutions and consistently stellar client service. They achieve this by combining digital transformation with a human touch that helps them and us to stand out from the crowd and move towards a bright future together.