[Quiz] Electronic Invoicing: how well do you know eea company obligations?

Published on 21 April 2020

Test your knowledge on European Economic Area Comany Obligations
Christophe Viry
Head of Strategy & Product

From directive 2010/45/EU to European standard NF EN 16931-1 and the Peppol network, European regulation on invoice digitization is rapidly changing as the digital transition continues to progress in the EU. In this context of this transformation, it is essential to remain abreast of the most recent measures implemented for compliance purposes. Is your European e-invoicing knowledge up-to-date? Generix Group experts have devised a quiz to test your knowledge.


E-invoicing: What regulation exists in the EU?

The digital transition is gradually spreading to all countries in the European Union. Nonetheless, governments and administrations are adopting vastly different strategies to move forward invoice digitization processes in Europe.

Since January 2017, France has required public companies and organizations with more than 5,000 employees to digitize their invoices using the Chorus Pro portal. In Italy, all companies issuing invoices to third parties are required to transmit and submit them for validation using the country’s interchange system, known as SDI (Sistema di Interscambio). The platform is exclusively for document verification and transmission, and is managed by the public organization in charge of company tax compliance. Finally, Portugal began digitizing its administrative procedures in 2014. The first measure decided on by the tax and customs authority in the country was an obligation for companies to declare their VAT online.


Evaluating knowledge about electronic invoicing

In this period of rapid transformation, it has become easy to miss out on important information. This is particularly true in the European Union, where countries have opted for a variety of approaches to e-invoicing.

This quiz will test your knowledge and identify any topics you need to revisit! Once you’ve mastered its content, you can consider yourself to be an expert in invoice digitization and the associated legal obligations.