Supply chain:5 must-follow influencers on twitter!

Published on 5 October 2017

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Supply Chain

From orators and software developers to logistics experts, these supply chain influencers all have one thing in common: their Twitter accounts are a gold mine! Whether you are head of supply chain or CIO, these 5 must-follow accounts will help you boost your performance and keep you up to date with the latest information in the branch.

Associate at EY France, Olivier Macard creates and shares the majority of his content in English. Amidst his content, you will come across analyses focused on retail platforms— with Amazon as the frontrunner— and on customer relations.

Lora Cecere, founder of Supplychain Insights, an organization dedicated to delivering research and studies in the field of logistics, could very well go by the name of “Ms. Statistics”. Her Twitter account is brimming with market analyses, case studies and, above all, a lot of data— all the essentials for giving body and credibility to the streamlining of her supply chain.

Sabine Mueller, CEO of DHL Consulting, lives in the future. This specialist in e-commerce and omni-channel retailing shares visionary content and advice for the development of the sector over the coming years. 2050, here we come!

Steve Banker is supply chain manager at ARC Advisory Group, but is also sector analyst, orator and consultant in corporate events. It is only natural then that his Twitter account be replete with in-depth interviews and articles on digital transformation. His mission: to assist you in making your company the best it can be.

Do you rely daily on TenderTool, the logistics e-sourcing tool? Meet the creator. Pieter Kinds, CEO of the company, is a specialist in freight audit and payment solutions. On Twitter, he shares his expertise through case studies, advice on how to streamline your supply chain or how to manage costs and on best practices.

Aside from these supply chain influencers, be sure to follow journalists and media dedicated to your branch for an effective information monitoring. In an upcoming article, we’ll reveal 5 new Twitter accounts you should subscribe to if simpler processes are what you’re after. Stay tuned!

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