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Bial implements edi project to communicate transport documents to the tax authority

Bial implements EDI project


Founded in 1924, BIAL is an international pharmaceutical group, the largest in the sector in Portugal and one of the major players in the Iberian market. Responsible for the creation of the first patented medication in Portugal, an anti-convulsive, BIAL distributes its products in more than 50 countries in Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

"In the service of your Health," is its motto, with strategic areas including quality, internalisation and research and development of new medicines which can offer better quality of life to all.


Decree-Law no. 198/2012, of 24 August, which establishes new rules intended to guarantee the integrity of transport documents and guarantee the Customs and Tax Authority more effective control of these documents and according to which it became mandatory to communicate to the Customs and Tax Authority the particulars of goods transport documents: BIAL needed a simple and economical solution which made it possible to appropriately and rapidly comply with the new legal requirements.


BIAL's goal was to communicate in real time and include the code assigned by the Customs and Tax Authority in its transport documents. It wanted a solution that wouldn't require adaptations to its ERP system, taking into account the difficulty of concretising specialised services in its management system.

"The main objective is to comply with the legal requirements with a minimum of effort and interference in our internal processes, be it in business or in Information Systems," says Rui Couto, Application Support Manager at BIAL.


BIAL, a Generix Group client since 2005, already had amongst other Generix solutions, a complete integration platform: TradeXpress. The TradeXpress platform, by means of a link to the Oracle database of its ERP, extracts all the information required for delivery notes, transport, and returns to supply data to our TransportXpress module.

To implement the project to manage and communicate transport documents to the Customs and Tax Authority, BIAL selected Generix Group's TransportXpress solution to establish a communication bridge between the management system and the Customs and Tax Authority's data centre.


TransportXpress is a solution that allows communication of transport documents in real time and is compatible with any management system and WMS on the market. An example of this is the direct link between ERP and BIAL and the Tax Office's website.

TransportXpress calls up the Customs and Tax Authority's web services using the SOAP and HTTPS protocols so as to send the notes in XML format and receive the Customs and Tax Authority's response with the code assigned to the original transport document.

This way, the solution established the communication bridge between BIAL's management system and the Customs and Tax Authority's data centre through which the transport document information is transmitted.


With Generix Group's TransportXpress, BIAL is able to communicate its transport documents in real time, day in, day out. The connection to the Oracle database is made every 5 seconds in order to extract all the information from the Notes.

Thereafter, the Customs and Tax Authority's code is returned to the Oracle database whilst the Customs and Tax Authority's web service is running (around 2/3 seconds).

With regard to the achievement of the objectives which gave rise to the project, Rui Couto concludes: "Our goals were met. The TransportXpress solution was implemented within the allotted time periods and according to our needs and specifications."