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Mattel Portugal implements E-Invoice and EDI

Mattel Portugal implements Electronic Billing Project with EDI and e-Invoice


Effective improvement in business management

Reduction in administrative workload and paperwork

Reduction in transaction time and traceability of invoices

Elimination of incidents associated with the paper-based process

Why implement Electronic Billing?

Mattel is a company specialised in the sale and distribution of toys.

Mattel Portugal contacted the Generix Group to develop a solution that would cover receiving orders, inventory management and product sales faster, while at the same time, producing visible effects in terms of robustness of internal and external information exchange, an area which has turned out to be more and more important for better management of the processes intrinsic to Mattel Portugal's business.

Generix Group's mission is to manage all billing information electronically with Mattel Portugal's major distribution area clients. "The tools Mattel Portugal had were more rudimentary and we needed software that enabled us to reduce our administrative workload, thus contributing to more strategic, proactive business management, in a way that was attuned to the market in which the brand operates," states Paulo Barroso, CFO of Mattel Portugal.


Chosen Solution

After analysing, Mattel Portugal decided to implement the EDI and Electronic Billing solutions:

The implementation of the project involved coordination between the technical teams of the Generix Group and Mattel Portugal and Spain, which worked in concert to deal with the various technical and administrative issues associated with the latter.

Results obtained with EDI and Electronic Billing

"Generix Group's solutions chosen: Invoice Manager and NetIXone were the solutions that offered us the most guarantees of effective improvement for our company without impacting the tasks which were already in the pipeline at Mattel Portugal," states Paulo Barroso, CFO of Mattel Portugal. The electronic billing project turned out to be a gain when it comes to managing the accounts of our clients, particularly in the distribution area. "Invoice Manager helped us to reduce the administrative workload and paperwork associated with Mattel's commercial relationship with its major distribution clients," the CFO continues.

                Currently, we are able to precisely monitor the traceability of invoices on a daily basis, having optimised the transaction time of documents whilst also eliminating the incidents associated with the same paper-based process. The commercial relationship with clients improved and brought added value to the management of Mattel Portugal's processes, from receiving an order to shipping and delivery to the desired site. "The fiscal digitalisation of invoices afforded by Invoice Manager, provided in the form of outsourcing, allowed Mattel Portugal to avail itself of a high-availability service without needing to purchase specific or dedicated hardware," affirms Paulo Barroso.

                The "pay-per-use" model Mattel uses makes it possible to capitalise on costs associated with the use of the service, with payment being made based on use: technical support and system maintenance are borne by Generix Group, without Mattel Portugal having to provide any type of technical resource for this. "Mattel Portugal, with Generix Group's solutions, Invoice Manager and NetIXone – enjoys annual savings in consumables such as paper, stamps and envelopes, of around 3,500 euros, not including the administrative and paperwork part that electronic billing ideally resolves, concludes Paulo Barroso.