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Nedphyl implements Generix's WMS

Immediate gains with warehouse management software (WMS) from the generix group

50% reduction in order preparation time

60% reduction in time required to issue transport documents

90% reduction in picking errors

157% increase in daily capacity for order processing

A Nedphyl is a company that distributes cosmetics, perfumes and personal hygiene products. Currently the company has two warehouses measuring 2,100 m2 and with capacity for 1,800 pallets. It represents 27 brands in Portugal, of which: Rimmel, Adidas, Pearl Drops, Blistex, Elle, Bioten and Playboy, and processes more than 80 shipments daily, to more than 400 points of delivery.

Background of the project

Nedphyl represents various brands, with differentiated logistics services and wanted to correct inefficiencies, increase productivity, automate processes, reduce dependence on warehouse operators, support the needs of its clients, keep the logistics process under control and obtain performance indicators for its business.

In response to these requirements, the company called on the Generix Group to implement an optimised management solution for all its logistics processes. In addition, Nedphyl required a flexible and scalable solution to adapt to the constant changes in the market in which it operates.

Solution selected for advanced warehouse management

Nedphyl opted for Generix Group's WMS, also having installed the TradeXpress integration platform, Generix Group's middleware, which makes it possible to manage all information flows between Nedphyl's systems and those of its partners, both clients and suppliers. TradeXpress handles processes for sending and receiving information to and from the WMS with total traceability, monitoring and ongoing control.

Why choose Generix's WMS ?

Nedphyl selected Generix Group's warehouse management system software WMS thanks its high functional stability and flexibility in terms of configuration for products in different business areas. This solution was tailored to the company's logistic's activity, making it possible to configure various logistics processes in a single warehouse, support differentiated client requirements, as well as the fact that it is a highly reliable, high-performance system.

"The impact of installing the WMS has been observed essentially in terms of the company's process efficiency and capacity, especially during times of high order value", says José Mendes, Manager of Nedphyl.