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REXEL Spain is one of the national leaders in the distribution of sustainable and innovative products and services for automation, technical supply and energy management.

With 48 sales points throughout Spain, 630,000 references, more than 20,000 customers and 1,340 suppliers, REXEL Spain has decided to promote a complete renovation of its logistics strategy with Generix.

In order to improve its efficiency in the Supply Chain field, REXEL Spain has implemented two of Generix's logistics management solutions: the TMS, for transport management, and the WMS for its five regional warehouses that will serve the whole national territory.

Jose Manuell Viñambres
Jose Manuel Viñambres
Supply Chain Director
Rexel Spain
"We commit to consolidated systems and partners like Generix as a guarantee for the future. Generix has enabled us to integrate its Supply Chain solutions (WMS and TMS) with our ERP and logistics processes and to do so successfully. The flexibility and know-how of the Spanish team make us believe that we have chosen the right partner"
Jose Manuel Viñambres
Supply Chain Director
Rexel Spain

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The project in details

Transport Management System

With more than 10 years of experience, Generix TMS solution is a solid, stable and scalable solution that integrates into the platform itself, from calculations to the relationship with the end customer and mobile devices.

This transportation management system will improve Rexel's quality of service by enabling it to monitor transportation performance, anticipate changes and increase the efficiency in its distribution network.

Generix TMS solution offers customers full traceability of their orders, from any device, with the ability to check their status and manage any incident online.

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Warehouse Management System

REXEL Spain currently has over 150,000 m2 of storage space. The company's objective is to move from a centralized distribution to a hub-and-spoke distribution, thus meeting its strategy of greater proximity.

Thanks to Generix WMS solution, Rexel Spain will integrate its 5 regional warehouses, thus maximizing its stocks, optimizing transport costs and reducing delivery times.

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