Generix Group in Gartner Magic Quadrant for WMS

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Generix WMS Strengths according to Gartner analysts

Full featured WMS functionality, providing
high visibility and trackability

Highly configurable business
rules, logic, and algorithms

A single digital platform supporting Supply Chain Execution convergence

Intuitive visual interface facilitating real-time decision making

Able to accommodate Level 1 to Level 5 warehouse operations 

Interactive on-the-job workforce training

Gartner Report & Other Thought Leadership

The full Gartner Magic Quadrant for WMS Report can be downloaded here, as well as in the Resources section below. 👇 There are also several thought leadership resources further down this page.

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What our customers are saying

Director of Information and Business Systems
The main gain we experienced from the implementation of Solochain WMS is efficiency. After a few years of solid growth, bad practices and manual tasks made our warehouse operations inefficient and slow. After implementing Solochain WMS, we were able to achieve the same volume of operations with 50% of the staff vs pre-implementation. We also were able to achieve 99% inventory accuracy and therefore reducing shipping errors.
VP Sales & Business Development
We've had an excellent experience with the Solochain WMS. We had an extremely aggressive implementation timeline but the Generix team delivered on time and on budget and we haven't looked back since.
Director Of Information Technology
Our implementation of Solochain was a multi-phased project. The Solochain implementation team focused closely on our business process. Understanding the nature and rationale of our operations was the priority.
The result was a successful project that met the established goals.
Business Analyst
We implemented 5 plants using SoloChain WMS each unique in their own way. We were able to tailor the application with help from the Generix PM and dedicated analyst to meet those needs.
Senior Director IT Strategy & Logistics
We have now used Generix Group WMS for the past 5 years and it has helped us remain very agile in our operations.
Inventory Systems Manager
The WMS and MES systems through Solochain are user friendly and very customizable. In a dynamically changing company, the system has been able to change and grow with our needs. We have found efficiencies that have allowed us to grow with minimal additional head count. And when we do have new hires, the system is easy to train and empowers employees to confidently complete their jobs.

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