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EDI software, for better structured and more efficient inter-company exchanges


Encouraged by the needs of the crisis and legislative dynamics, such as the French commitment to make EDI invoicing a legal standard as of January 1, 2023, widespread digitalization and the programmed end of paper-based exchanges imply a considerable increase in the volume of data and document exchanges between companies. At the heart of the internal challenges, the exchange tools must be modernized at a minimum, or even completely rethought for those who are behind.

Although EDI (for Electronic Data Interchange) was only intended to automate information processing and reduce the use of paper, it is now entering a new dimension. Driven by the development of cloud and SaaS solutions, EDI software now supports the multiplication of information flows for real-time monitoring. This technology is essential for reinventing a more decentralized governance model, making your B2B transactions more reliable, tracking your exchanges and gaining in efficiency.

Our EDI Solution

EDI Services - EDI Service Management Software

The reference EDI solution in SaaS mode

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