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Operational logistics management, supported by warehouse management software and transport management software, is, in the very short term, a relevant response to the challenges of efficiency, real-time monitoring and cost control throughout the supply chain.

The development of drop shipping, just-in-time or mixed flow delivery, or advanced inventory means that you need to increase the productivity of your supply chain and improve its corollary, delivery times.

As such, the implementation of Supply Chain Execution modules (WMS, TMS, YMS or even OMS software) is becoming essential to better automate processes, make logistics interconnections more fluid, maintain an extended vision of the entire supply chain and secure exchanges.

The benefits generated by Generix Group's solutions are based on three decades of research and expertise.

Our Supply Chain Execution solutions

WMS - Warehouse Management

Control your warehouse operations and inventory with our WMS software.

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Data Power - Data Analytics Module

Optimize the exploitation of the KPI of your Generix logistics solutions thanks to the Data Power module.

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TMS - Transport Management System

Make the best chartering and loading choices to reduce your transportation costs with our TMS software.

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OMS - Order Management System

Drive purchase and deliver on your customer promise. Manage the delivery commitment, from construction to completion, with our OMS software.

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YMS - Yard Management System

Schedule appointments and optimize flows in the warehouse yard with our YMS software.

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