Generix Group's support phone number will change in July 2021!


Dear clients, 


Generix Group's support phone number will change soon.


In a couple of weeks, starting on 07/12/2021, this change will be effective for TMS/YMS and OMNICHANNELSALES supports. And on 07/19/2021 for B2B Integration and WMS supports.


To reach our support teams, you will have to dial the following number: +331 85 14 81 87. You will be invited to enter a four numbers code to be connected with one of our support consultants. 


IMPORTANT: this code corresponds to the last four digits of the phone number currently used. 


For example, to reach OCS Support, if you currently use the +338 25 36 86 00, the four digit numbers will be 8600. 


As a reminder the main novelties, aside from the unique number is:

- The possibility to leave a message for the support.

- The possibility to ask to be called back by our support consultants.


In case of doubt, our support teams remain at your disposal on