A platform for growth and operating excellence


SOLOCHAIN™ is built on a scalable and flexible platform that powers its use as a warehouse management system, a manufacturing execution system, a transportation management system, and more. It is highly configurable in terms of information layout, mobile workflow processes, reporting, and optimization rules. SOLOCHAIN’s technological infrastructure is designed for maximum configuration flexibility and performance scalability. 

This robust platform benefits your business with a highly adaptive supply chain solution, taking care of your business today and in the future.


SOLOCHAIN™ is built on a 3-tier open architecture that separates business, user, and data layers. Written in Java, the application is based on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), with functions accessible from an external system via application programming interfaces (APIs). This technology infrastructure enables SOLOCHAIN™ to be scalable, easily configurable, and seamlessly integrated with other systems.



We have created a powerful user interface platform that enables complete configuration from the initial skin to field display layouts. The SOLOCHAIN™ application is web-based, using the latest tools and technology to create dynamic and rich user interfaces. SOLOCHAIN™ relies on Solomodel, the metadata framework that contains all data objects (i.e., tables, pages, attributes, reports, etc.) contained and used by SOLOCHAIN™. This sophisticated framework provides total access to the data model or any other component of the software, providing our customers with the access required to maintain and configure the solution after the initial implementation. It offers complete real-time visibility to the data model, page layouts, and configuration tags.



SOLOCHAIN™ enables you to configure and create mobile workflows to meet all your operational requirements. The displayed information, workflow steps, business rules, and validation criteria are 100% configurable using the SOLOCHAIN™ workflow mapper.



Information between your ERP system and SOLOCHAIN™ is wholly integrated and synchronized in real-time. Leveraging the latest technology using Web Services, XML format, and a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), SOLOCHAIN™ offers out-of-the-box integration with third-party systems. 

The system interface hub is directly embedded in SOLOCHAIN™ for real-time monitoring of all inbound and outbound transactions. A transaction error, for example, will trigger an automatic email advising the appropriate staff members. 

SOLOCHAIN™ can integrate with multiple systems using different communication protocols. Leveraging the best solutions, on the right platform and technology, SOLOCHAIN™ gives you a competitive edge.

Le cœur de l'interface du système est directement intégré dans SOLOCHAIN, offrant une gestion en temps réel des transactions de réception et d'expédition. Une erreur de transaction, par exemple, alertera automatiquement par courriel le personnel approprié

SOLOCHAIN peut s'adapter à plusieurs systèmes différents utilisant leurs propres protocoles de communication. Tirant avantage des meilleures solutions et établi sur une plateforme et une technologie adéquate, il vous aidera à obtenir un avantage concurrentiel



SOLOCHAIN™ can integrate with many various warehouse control system (WCS) components, including:

  • Conveyor systems 
  • Scales
  • Pick-to-light systems
  • Carousels
  • Sorting systems
  • Print and apply stations

Our team of consultants have the expertise to design and configure the proper system integration points.



Mobility is a cornerstone of the SOLOCHAIN™ solution. We work very closely with mobile equipment manufacturers to ensure full compatibility with display size, scanning options, and OS performance. We also support options such as voice recognition and photo capture in the different workflows. SOLOCHAIN™ is platform-agnostic and compatible with Microsoft Windows mobile, Apple iOS, and Android OS.