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Solution Fax/PDF/OCR

Fax/PDF/OCR solution: Connect data flows across your ecosystem

Include everyone in your ecosystem

Exchange data with all your partners. Propose innovative services: B2B portal, virtual PDF printer, OCR, digital fax, administered email, and more.

Optimize your processes

Get rid of paper flows. Include non-connected partners. Use a single collaborative platform.

Improve productivity

Reduce manual intervention, administrative costs, disputes and cycle time. Improve reliability. Optimize data reconciliation.

Include all your supply chain partners

If you’ve tried to digitize all your business processes, you’ve found that some of your small partners lack the technical means to participate. Use of Fax, PDF, Mail and OCR Smart Services ensures that you can connect all participants. You can also capture non-structured data and paper flows, including mail, fax, PDF and more..

The Generix Supply Chain Hub includes technologies that bring your entire ecosystem on board. They can use digitized faxes, industrial emails, character recognition, virtual PDF printer, desktop publishing, and a data filing and publication portal.

Generix Group provides a single, streamlined collaborative platform for all B2B mediation solutions. It provides a totally digital supply chain without mixing paper and paperless processes.



Fax smart Services

Automate fax inflow and outflow. Reduce usage costs and improve service levels.

PDF Smart Services

Provide small suppliers with solutions that capture data from their ERP systems or office automation applications.

OCR smart Services

Capture data from paper documents. Include them in your automated administrative processes.

Email smart Services

Automate email use. Ensure reception. Read notifications. Manage attachments.

Smart Services Portal

Use collaborative portals as a way to manage. Collect data from partners in deposit or enter mode. Publish your main processes.

Desktop Publishing Smart Services

Easily share files from desktop publishing systems. Reduce the cost of printing, routing and mailing documents.


SLA : Service Level Agreement


Minimum availability rate


Daily volumes managed 


Million lines

of preparation 

per day


million lines

of preparation 

per day