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TMS Software : Transport Management and Efficiency | Generix Group

TMS Software : Transport Management and Efficiency

Optimizing transport budget

Keep administrative charges low, optimize routes, pool your resources, centralize your purchases, always find the best transport solution.

Expand range of transport

Reference new carriers, quickly open new destinations, manage the multi-modal, pooling and urban logistics.

Master costs and invoices

Calculate the pro-forma and spread the costs to its finest by reducing the administrative burden.


Generix TMS

The Transport Management solution is designed to help you cut transport costs and simplify the associated administrative burd...

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Transport Management Solution (TMS): Improve your Efficiency

Transportation is one of the key elements of a quality customer offer. Whether professional or consumer, they require prompt, on-time delivery, together with services tailored to their expectations such as choice of location or a restricted delivery slot and real-time monitoring of operations.

Equipping yourself with effective management tools provides the flexibility required to select the best resources, at the lowest cost within the constraints of recipients and make significant savings on your transport budget.

The frequent regulatory changes and environmental issues require logistics coordinators to set up a smart transportation organization, pooling the volumes, optimizing routes and being capable of coordinating with many partners.


Transport Management Software Features

Scheduling and chartering

Group together orders in the best way possible, always select best deal of transport carriers, expand repository of carriers, pool your resources.

Route optimization

Manage your deliveries and collect in complete loops, use best possible resources by guaranteeing best delivery times to your customers.

Provisions, facturation transport

Charge or pre-charge by automatically incorporating hazards, distribute your costs to the right jobs or clients, tightly control your budget..

Document management

Significantly lighten the administrative charge of your transport operations, guarantee the quality of your information, avoid disputes.

Control, measuring performance

Improve your operational performance with real time monitoring of events. Make your negotiations more effective through budget simulation.

Eco-responsible commitment

Reduce the negative externalities of your transport, observe and simulate the impact of environmental regulations and urban logistics.


SLA : Service Level Agreement


Minimum availability rate


Daily volumes managed 


Million lines

of preparation 

per day


million lines

of preparation 

per day