- 24/11/2021
WMS implementation in a pandemic world

When the coronavirus forced lockdowns, Generix Group was on the cusp of several large-scale WMS go-lives. This forced the Generix team to reinvent its project implementation methodology and ways of working.
This eBook explores several best practices for WMS remote project implementation as well as the adaptations that Generix Group has put in place. 

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- 26/04/2021
The Resilient Distribution Center

This eBook explores how to become a more resilient distribution center in the post-pandemic era.

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- 12/11/2020
Manufacturing and the new normal

In responding to the challenges of the pandemic, manufacturers have undertaken
4 broad strategies:

  1. Supply chain resiliency

  2. Reshoring

  3. New distribution strategies

  4. New technology deployment

 This eBook will explore each of these strategies in depth.

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- 11/09/2020
[Ebook] Collaborative Supply Management: Practices and Benefits

To improve Supply Chain performance, the time has come for those involved to collaborate and pool their resources.

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- 26/03/2020
[Ebook] Customer loyalty through values The sky’s the limit !

In our era of hyper-competition, the sharing economy lays down new reference points. Our buying habits are changing, with consumers constantly looking for more meaning and feeling.

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- 25/03/2020
[Ebook] EDI/B2B to SaaS migration solutions: customer feedback

The Best Practices survey was carried out online in September 2015, with a self-administered questionnaire filled out by companies which have migrated an EDI platform to SaaS.

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- 13/11/2018
Migration from EDI solutions to SaaS

In the booming cloud computing market, SaaS solutions are riding high. Software as a Service gives users online access to app-based services or software programs, and is becoming more and more popular with companies seeking to outsource certain activities that are essential but not part of their core business.

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