- 09/08/2018
Product Sheet Generix Invoice Services

This is a tax dematerialization service for invoices supporting all authorized channels: structured files, signed files and reliable audit trails.

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Transactional Portals
- 16/03/2023
EDI Transactional Portals

Improve collaboration with suppliers and customers to optimize the Purchase to Pay (P2P) and Order to Cash (O2C) process. 

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- 01/08/2018
Generix Collaborative Replenishment

In this context, suppliers, distributors and logistics providers have to work together to reduce their supply and logistics costs in order to preserve their margins and satisfy the consumer.

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- 01/08/2018
Product sheet Generix VMI - Vendor Managed Inventory

To succeed in the retail world, customers’ stock levels have to be reduced and optimal fill rates guaranteed.

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- 01/08/2018
Download the challenge sheet : Generix Transport Management (TMS)

Transport is now recognized as a key creator of value and economic performance for companies.

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- 01/08/2018
Product Sheet EDI Services

The reference EDI solution in SaaS mode with over 2 million messages processed per day and a community of 40,000 connected businesses.

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- 25/03/2020
Product sheet Generix Supplier Portal

Supplier Portal optimises sales, logistics and financial processes thanks to electronic collaboration with enterprise suppliers.

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- 27/03/2020
Product sheet Generix PESIT Connector

Secure information exchange, complex routing rules, Big Data transfers, data confidentiality, managing transfers, etc., discover the benefits of the PESIT protocol in TradeXpress.

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- 26/03/2020
Product sheet Orchestration of Cross-channel Marketing

The Generix Sales Marketing cross-channel orchestration module ensures a connection between relationship-based marketing and sales marketing, in order to ensure central and local orchestration and automation of the entire customer life cycle.

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