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Ecopilhas, a company made up of the main battery and rechargeable battery manufacturers operating on the Portuguese market, initiated its digital transformation project with the Generix Group's Electronic Invoice solution.

Project Background

Before starting its digital transformation process and improving its ability to collaborate with its clients, Ecopilhas identified some needs that would contribute to the rapid implementation of the electronic invoice project: "We were looking for an environmentally friendly solution that would completely eliminate manual billing processes, reduce administrative tasks associated with printing and sending invoices manually and increase the level of service offered to our clients," says Eurico Cordeiro, Manager at Ecopilhas. 

Advantages of this solution
  • Reduction in invoice issuing time 
  • Reduction in billing process costs 
  • Reduction in data entry times 
  • Increase in productivity and focus on business 
Eurico Cordeiro
"We chose the electronic billing system that was most efficient in terms of cost/benefit. With the Ecofatura platform, we have the option to massively expand the sending of electronic invoices in PDF form, since the group of Ecopilhas members is mainly made up of small and medium-sized companies whose IT systems are not set up to receive invoices via EDI technology,"
Eurico Cordeiro
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Project milestones


The project in details

Electronic Invoice: The Eco + Logical Solution

"Since promoting environmental quality is part of Ecopilhas' DNA, adopting electronic billing is a natural development. The flexibility of Generix's technology in terms of adapting to Ecopilhas' ecosystem has contributed, in large part, to the success of project that, besides streamlining the exchange of business information, also brings to the fore this organisation's sense of Eco-Responsibility," states Eduardo Bentes, Business Development & Channel Manager at Generix Group.

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