Ericeira Surf & Skate

Implementation of warehouse management systems at Ericeira Surf & Skate

Retail and consumer goods


Background of the project
With the exponential growth of its business, Ericeira Surf & Skate saw the need to optimise its operations: goods receiving and shipping to 350 delivery locations in Portugal and more than 150 in Europe; management of a large number of product references; product returns; organisation of inventories as well as management of its own warehouse space.

To meet these challenges, the company opted to implement Generix Group's WMS, explains Eduardo Moreira, Logistics Director of Ericeira Surf & Skate, "Our need to implement the WMS basically had to do with the constant growth of the operation, the need to respond quickly to market demands and the speed of product placement at points of sale. Cross-docking speed is fundamental for us, therefore well directed receiving, without errors, is an essential step to ensure that picking can be carried out quickly and suitably. Only this way can we fulfil client deliveries on time!"
Streamlining of warehouse management software implementation
The implementation of the WMS system went off rapidly and training was a simple and straightforward process, not only thanks to the motivation of the staff, but also thanks to the fact that the WMS was relatively simplified at the user level.

Indeed, in order to keep up with new purchasing behaviours and expectations, companies and their IT systems need to constantly adapt. Along the logistics chain, clients and suppliers need to be constantly connected, and the secret lies in optimisation of space, sharing resources, process automation and the ability to synchronise and manage all operations with security, agility and speed.
Partnership with the Generix Group
Ericeira Surf & Skate opted for the Generix Group and the project was a success: "Without a doubt, this operation optimised our processes, far beyond what we expected at that time! Starting to work with Generix was fundamental for us, because it brought us not only the expertise we were hoping for, but also know-how that we can incorporate into our day to day business," concludes Eduardo Moreira.
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Results obtained
The results were visible right from the start and Ericeira Surf & Sake managed to cut its product receiving times in half, whilst simultaneously lowering its receiving errors by around 30%. With regard to picking, the company increased its shipping speed by around 30%. In terms of payback period, the forecast was somewhere around three years, but it ended up being under two years.

The logistics activity of Ericeira Surf & Skate presented a series of particularities since they work with a large number of SKUs. Given that 40,000 new SKUs are incorporated every six months, and, since the product is a value added and textile product, every size is processed individually.
Control of all logistics and distribution operations
Guarantee of service and quality for the end customer
Optimisation of warehouse space
Increased picking speed
Reduction in product receiving time
Reduction in errors in the receiving phase
Database Expansion
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