Continues with its process of expanding the scope of the generix warehouse management system

Mass-market retailing


Implemented solution

The Eroski cooperative, as part of its growth and expansion process with regard to its business volume and the growing complexity of its logistics operations, has selected the Generix Group warehouse management system to manage and optimise its logistics operations. 

Against this backdrop, the Eroski Group has commissioned a Generix warehouse management system in its Ponferrada warehouse that has around 12,000 m2 in which distribution to the centres located in the regions of Castilla-León, Asturias and Galicia is carried out. 

The platform features 12,200 storage spaces, of which 2,300 are for picking, and the average daily volume is 18,000 preparation boxes and 600 receiving pallets. 

+12.000 M2 




Receiving Via Radio Frequency (RFID)

The WMS makes it possible to receive in different ways, including first and foremost radio frequency receiving that enables goods receiving by reading EAN 13/14/128, thus guaranteeing the reliability of inventories. 


Automated zone management

This allows an automated search of the locations, enabling: 

  •  Route optimisation 
  •  Space optimisation 
  •  Reserving certain spaces for specific products based on their characteristics. E.g. very heavy pallets in spaces close to the ground or added value goods (e.g. premium alcoholic beverages, cosmetics) in crates. 
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The project in details

Product traceability

This manages lots, expiry dates and product turnover via the FIFO, LIFO concept. The warehouse management system makes it possible to optimally manage various warehouse locations, whilst at the same time maintaining total traceability of all products.

Inventories Via Radio Frequency (RFID)

The Warehouse Management System makes it possible to perform "hot" rotating inventories where the stocks can be adjusted in the warehouse, without having to stop operations, with the resulting impact in stores.

Real time stock consultation

The WMS makes it possible to consult stock in real time, giving clear information on where and in what condition the goods are (receiving area, warehouse, picking, shipping area).

Preparation in dynamic racks for low turnover

The warehouse management system enables preparation in various types of structures, improving the productivity of preparers, in the case of low rotation products, since it minimises movements and optimises the space occupied by these products in the warehouse picking spaces.

Control of preparation incidents

Via the control panel, the WMS makes it possible to rapidly intervene on the main management indicators of the platform, with the resulting improvement in the production processes and with the required quality.

Benefits obtained
During the implementation period of the Generix warehouse management system, the primary ratios at the warehouse did not undergo any significant changes, but the productivity data and service errors began to surpass the existing ratios with the previous tool on the third day. Preparers started handling 120 boxes/hour, and fork-lift drivers moving 18 pallets/hour, which clearly demonstrates how easy it is to learn the system.
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