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introduzindo Generix Collaborative Replenishment
Por Christophe Viry
on 16 Jan 2020 9:12 AM

Supply Chain management today is more of a major concern for companies than ever before. In order to remain competitive in this climate, industrial players must have a robust, efficient, collaborative Supply Chain at their disposition. To optimize such processes, Generix Group has designed Generix Collaborative Replenishment, an SaaS solution available as part of the Generix Supply Chain Hub platform.

Keeping up with demand for supply 

Companies today are dealing with ever-more demanding customers, and they must optimize inventory management if they wish to prevent stockouts. From a strategic standpoint, this is no small feat, and could event result in a sizable dent in industrial income—over 1.2 billion euros in supermarket sales in 20181 alone.

Generix Group understands the importance of increasing supply performance and supplier productivity, remaining agile when faced with increasing consumer demand, and taking advantage of newfound competitive services. Generix Collaborative Replenishment was created through collaboration with the Generix Group Customer Advisory Board to meet these challenges and bring together the eight industrial companies that make up the top 30 FMCG businesses.  

A closer look at Generix Collaborative Replenishment 

With Generix Collaborative Replenishment, Generix Group aims to completely streamline the Supply Chain by rethinking shared management and process pooling. Using the solution, industrial companies, retailers, and 3PLs can cover every process in the Supply Chain: Vendor Managed Inventory, pooling, multidrop, multipick, and so on. They can also benefit from a 30% decrease in stockouts. 


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This Generix Group SaaS solution includes such technological innovations as cloud technology and big data analysis, and it will soon implement artificial intelligence. Its flagship advantage lies in its superior performance, namely:    

The Generix Collaborative Replenishment system uses collaboration to transform the supply chain and optimize performance. It has set itself apart as standout, next generation, SaaS solution through quantifiable metrics.


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