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Trasformazione Digitale
By Christophe Viry
on 14 Dec 2017 11:32 AM

Are you wondering whether your company needs to embark on a digital transformation? The figures show that it’s high time you jump on board if you want to keep your spot in the race. What are the benefits? What technological trends should you invest in to ensure a high ROI? Your questions answered.

Why should you invest in digital transformation for your company?

According to a survey conducted by Syntec Numérique, the French Professional Association of the Digital Ecosystem, only 38% of industrial companies embarked on a digital transformation initiative in September 2016.

Aware of the stakes involved in investing in this sector, this year companies have placed digitalization at the heart of their concerns. To such an extent that it has become the number one priority for IT departments in 2017.

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The benefits of a successful digital transformation for a company can indeed amount to a whole lot:

3 technological trends to invest in for 2018

According to Gartner advisory firm, technological and strategic expectations for 2018 revolve around 3 major trends:

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Within this context, it becomes very difficult to ignore technological advancements and to reject the digitalization process because you risk losing your competitive edge. It is even more difficult given the benefits you will reap from this technology in terms of profitability.

Collaboration: revolutionizing productivity and innovation

The next step for companies in line with the times: invest in inter-company collaboration solutions. In fact, according to a study from Stanford University, collaborative companies are 5% more profitable and 6% more productive than other companies.

Furthermore, according to Equinox, more than one third of companies that deploy an interconnection strategy generate over 10 million dollars in additional revenue (58%) and in savings (42%) with quick return on investment within on average 4,2 months.

Orchestrating a digital transformation has become essential for companies seeking to increase profits. To that end, many options are up for exploration, most notably inter-company collaboration solutions and artificial intelligence. Want to know more about digital transformation? Get in touch with Generix Group's teams to discover our inter-company collaboration solutions!

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