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Solution Portail 3PL

3PL Portal: Secure Customer Access

Secure and seamless visibility for your customers

 Set up a turnkey portal in three easy steps:  subscribe, configure, and connect your WMS.

On-board new customers and services more quickly

Obtain faster activity start-up with a Deploy a web-based solution to create and track collaborative operations.

The perfect service for small to medium businesses

Avoid manual data entry and manual files.

Visibility and Collaboration for 3PL Customers

Your services are critical to your customers’ success. Add value with clear and timely communications about the services you provide them, in real-time. provide a receiver experience based on seamless and transparent operations. Your order givers require flexibility and responsiveness to meet their market needs.

The 3PL portal accelerates your onboarding of new customers. With just one click, your customers can manage their sales operations and shipping details, provide customer service, and ensure that their products are in stock.




Warehouse data

Your customers can import or enter their storage-related data. The portal automatically updates your WMS.

Stock availability

The portal provides up-to-date information from you WMA about inventory levels  and stock movement. It calculates stock availability by site and gives your customers a centralview.

Stock orders

Stock orders create advise of shipment in your WMS. They are updated with a shipping notice. You can enter stock orders manually.

Customer order status - Get real-time updates

Whether integrated or entered, order execution can be consulted online in real time by the seller and the seller's recipients.

Customer Concerns & Inquiries

Automated shipping notices help manage concerns and keep customers informed.

Health security traceability

From stock reception to shipping from your sites, your customers have access to their health security traceability data. 


SLA : Service Level Agreement


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