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Invoice Portal

Create business value with the invoicing process

Cut processing costs
Save 60% on invoice-checking staff through data integration and supplier collaboration
Improve data quality
Include your invoices in the Purchase-to-Pay process, automate checking and call on your suppliers to correct anomalies
Reduce your WCR
Invoice more quickly, automate reminders, reduce disputes and share deadlines for 3-5 extra days of cash flow

Multiply e-invoicing business benefits through collaboration

Top-performing invoice digitizing solutions now do more than merely guarantee the creation and archiving of fiscal originals. The Invoice Portal service on the Generix Supply Chain Hub portal provides added-business-value solutions to optimize the benefits of e-invoicing. Invoicing process optimization is based on win-win collaboration between creditor and debtor. It starts with shared information and continues with lower processing costs and mutual cash flow optimization.Propose a new invoicing experience to your customers and call on your suppliers to improve invoice data integration.


Offer your customers innovative services
Improve your customers' invoicing experience with custom invoicing, access to archives and attachments, duplicate publication, KPI, etc.
Involve your suppliers in reconciliation
Call on your suppliers to correct anomalous invoices, validate self-invoicing, resolve reconciliation disputes, etc.
Deploy the Purchase-to-Pay process
Extend collaboration to all processes to automate order reconciliation, reception and invoicing
Unify your approval process
Centralize invoice integration and standardize reconciliation processes, payment and allocation
Develop stronger ties with your ecosystem
Work openly with preferred partners, share your information to optimize the invoicing process together
Propose innovative financial services
Deploy financial services like reverse factoring or trade discounts to optimize liquidity for each party


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