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Managing the single shopping cart with Sales Marketing | Generix Group

Managing the single shopping cart with Sales Marketing


The single shopping cart ensures high-quality processing and the same level of information, whatever the origin of an order (cellphone, web, store, call center, etc.).


By uniting the sales channels you also eliminate the re-entry tasks and file reconciliations; you can automate your workflows.

Speed up

By sending customized offers at the right time, you will speed up the customer’s purchase decision process.

Omni channel business does away with silos

The organization of sales channels in silos is the first obstacle in the transformation of sales omni channels. Rather than reasoning in terms of “channels” and processing the different flows relative to the order, product and customer separately, Sales Marketing lets you unite all three aspects around one common “object”, namely the single shopping cart.

Sales Marketing provides access to the basket (the order), regardless of its status (wish-list, quotation, invoice, etc.), by including the customer’s portfolio (their loyalty rewards, coupons, purchase vouchers, etc.) and the services included for the product (web-to-store, store-to-web).



Removing channel silos

The single shopping cart is independent of the input channel. Sales Marketing serves the complexity of multi-dimensional organizations: channels, brands, activities, countries, etc.

Status tracing

The shopping cards are centralized and automatically synchronized; all shopping cards status changes are traced.

Data unity

Centralizing and real-time sharing of customer and sales data on all channels. Sales Marketing guarantees the coherence of the operations and customer rewards.

Business development

Managing the shopping card facilitates the deployment of numerous digitizing schemes and store transformations (Ship In Store, Store in Store, etc.).

Basket promotion

Sales marketing is used to promote in real-time web carts and store tickets; points calculation is done in real-time, via web services.