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omnichannel sales nature et découvertes
By Philippe PETIT
on 05 Sep 2018 8:57 AM

Claude Etterlen began working for Nature et Découvertes 2 years ago. When he took up his position, his first goal was to set up a process for optimizing the management of all of the group’s sales channels. He shares his experience with Generix Group’s Omnichannel Sales solution and how it helped him tackle his omni-channel challenges.


Nature & Découvertes in numbers

● 200 million euros in turnover.
● 1,000 employees.
● 90 stores in France and abroad.
● 402 traditional checkout points
● 300 retailers equipped with tablets (iPods) for clienteling.
● Queue busting to boost turnover by 3%.
● Up to 5,000 online orders during peak season, for 3.1 million customers, of which 2.9 are loyal ones.


What are the main challenges in your sector? 

We had problems managing our customers which, rather than being done on a single platform, was managed on different sales channels. This created problems with consistency, speed, and management ease. Therefore, our goal was to centralize customer data and sales and to apply the same rules for calculating shopping carts on all sales channels, especially during promotion periods.

We also wanted to improve customer experience by deploying iPods in-store that could cover the entire sales cycle, from customer service to checkout. This, however, was just the tip of the iceberg. We also needed a tool that could help us monitor this process behind the scenes. Ultimately, our objective was to improve customer experience but also internal management.

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When and why did you choose the Omnichannel Sales solution? 

We stick to a traditional budget cycle which is set at the end of the year. The project was presented to management in November 2016 and launched in early 2017. Goal: to be operational by the end of the year because seasonality is one of our major challenges.

Between 35 and 40% of our turnover rolls in during the end-of-the-year holiday season. Therefore, given this deadline, we implemented an omnichannel sales/marketing project in 10 days. It was coupled with the in-store deployment of the famous iPods to bring in mobile sales. 

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What criteria convinced you to go with Generix Group?

The first decisive criterion was the ease with which we could integrate their solution with our existing system. Another essential aspect was the relative simplicity of the tool, because we need to choose solutions and partners that are on the same level as we are. When choosing a tool and a team, the company cultures must be compatible. From our point of view, we found a solution that was more manageable on the technical side and this was important given our time constraints.

Finally, the last important element was that this solution was already operational and used by retailers we work closely with (Cultura, Maisons du Monde). We were thus looking at an operational solution that had already proven its worth. 


What were the major phases of the project?

Once the project was launched, we organized various technical training sessions and training sessions focused on CRM. We had to assist integrations, write interfaces, establish settings, test and validate before launching. All of this was deployed alongside an in-store mobility solution, neither of which could work without the other.

These two projects were carried out side by side. This was actually the difficulty we ran into during project meetings, where we had to define the coordination of the different internal actors as well as those from Generix Group. This coordination was complex but Generix Group provided their assistance throughout the entire project.

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How would you assess the use of the Omnichannel Sales solution? 

Thanks to the Generix Group solution, we were able to improve customer experience by managing sales operations via a single interface. This project was essential for ensuring in-store mobile sales. In fact, we recorded an increase in store-to-web turnover thanks to this solution.

Omnichannel Sales also allowed us to improve internal management. In fact, up until now we had a plethora of tools and passwords. The solution made our lives easier. In terms of customer service, it enabled us to become more responsive and efficient, and thus to improve the quality of our services provided to our end customers.

Even during difficult rush periods, we maintained a good relationship with Generix Group that was based on a strong sense of teamwork. I recommend this publisher for the quality and reliable relationship we built together!


To find out more about Generix Group’s partnership with Nature et Découvertes and the Omnichannel Sales solution, check out our product sheet!


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Philippe PETIT

Directeur opérations Generix Omnichannel Sales