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By Philippe PETIT
on 25 Feb 2019 9:26 AM

It has been several months since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect in Europe. The regulation is a major step forward in securing personal data and has completely overturned the ways many organizations handle data. Today, we’re taking a look at its place in companies. For instance, what issues are raised by GDPR? Is your marketing strategy compliant? We provide the answer in a four-article series on the regulation.


GDPR: New changes to customer data

The GDPR is a new regulation applicable throughout the European Union since May 25, 2018. It concerns all EU companies that offer goods or services in the Euro Zone and handle data for behavioral tracking. But what is the reason for this regulation? And what new rights does it afford users? 


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GDPR: How to process personal data in B2B?

Six months before the GDPR took effect, the Generix Group teams took a long look at the obligations affecting all European organizations. Particularly, they evaluated the requirements and structural changes to implement on the B2B end. These include naming a DPD, analyzing impact on privacy, and Privacy by design principles. We explain everything.


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RGPD : When “consent” changes marketing forever (in French)

Introduction of the GDPR in the EU brought an important notion to the fore of all digital strategies: prospect consent. The goal was to give the power back to individuals regarding their personal data, thus increasing their protection. Learn how this notion changes things, and what impact it has on customer databases, marketing programs and, more generally, the marketing profession.


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GDPR and marketing: 7 Steps to take right now!

On May 25, 2018, 500 million Europeans gained the right to make claims regarding their personal data. Perhaps most affected by this massive upheaval are retail businesses, which must reform to a totally different data environment. As a company, it is important to learn to handle these requests. We’ve compiled a checklist of seven things to concentrate on first, fresh out of the book #RGPD et Marketing : de la contrainte à l’opportunité (#GDPR and Marketing: from limitation to opportunity).


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The GDPR is a tidal wave that has washed over companies handling data, forcing them to rethink their strategies from the ground up. And yet the line between limitation and opportunity is very thin. Want to learn more about the topic and increase your sales prospects? Download the e-book “#RGPD et Marketing(in French) by Generix Group!


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Philippe PETIT

Directeur opérations Generix Omnichannel Sales