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Da Christophe Viry
on 30 May 2017 11:52 AM
  • Digital transformation
  • E-Invoicing
When reviewing potential e-invoicing providers, it’s important to review all of the functionalities available and to look at each aspect from a business point of view. As a business, your aim is to find an e-invoicing solution that matches your needs and also increases your productivity as much as possible. An e-invoicing portal can provide many advantages in that manner.

Advantages for the issuer

The most obvious advantages concern cost: no need to worry about paper, envelopes and stamps anymore! While an e-invoicing system does come with an initial setup and monthly costs, a portal will go on to provide you with huge cost savings starting from its very first month in action. In addition, it is easier to create and issue an invoice directly from the portal’s user interface. All invoices are received immediately, with acknowledgement of receipt, and can be traced and reissued if necessary. The legal advantages are also important—as each invoice can effectively be tracked, traced and archived, they are easy to reproduce in the case of error or dispute.
Numbers show that there is an increase of 23% of invoices that are paid on time when they pass through an e-invoicing portal rather than through the traditional invoicing method. What’s not to love about that?!

And what about the receiving end?

Those on the receiving end of the portal also gain from its use in both cost and time savings. The system can be configured to involve only those who are part of the processing and payment of invoices, cutting out the middleman, and each invoice can easily be verified and traced as needed. Basically everyone has something to gain from using an e-invoicing portal!
An e-invoicing portal can help provide some serious cost savings (up to 10 euros per invoice), and also precious time that can be spent in other areas of your business. Something to definitely look into when searching for a more productive e-invoicing system!

Christophe Viry

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