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Por Adriana Di Vito
on 23 May 2017 6:01 PM

Manufacturing companies are consistently faced with the challenges of producing top-notch goods all the while increasing productivity, eliminating waste, and maintaining high quality standards. By leveraging a best-of-breed MES, you can achieve inventory accuracy, decrease operational costs, and fulfill the highest levels of customer demand.

How does an MES work?

Synchronizing the flow of information, materials, and resources is vital to today’s manufacturing environment. Time and motion are measured on the shop floor to ensure that work is being executed in the most efficient way possible and that raw materials are tracked throughout the process.  An MES manages simple to complex manufacturing processes, including areas where multiple production lines, and control stations are used. Data is synchronized in real-time to a Warehouse Management System (WMS) which also feeds real-time information to the ERP, providing complete inventory visibility (in storage and consumed) of inventory throughout your organization.  The system optimizes movements of goods and enables complete control and visibility over raw materials, work in progress, to finished goods, throughout the manufacturing process. All transactions are performed using handheld mobile devices ensuring real time execution and data capture.   Raw materials to finished goods will always be at the right place, and the right time, achieving maximum productivity up time.

What is the added value of an MES?

Increased productivity, better material flow, optimized work force, better data capture information, real time tasks dispatching, better quality monitoring, complete real time visibility are all benefits of a MES.  One aspect that is becoming an imperative: Traceability and electronic recall capability.   The system creates robust electronic traceability reports, allowing for recalls being rapidly managed, items to be placed on hold, and recall information that can be dispatched in real time.   The food and drug industries, for example, must adhere to rigid government regulations and requirements.  Meeting these requirements while running an efficient manufacturing operation help insure businesses’ long-term sustainability.  An MES is a business critical enterprise system that provides the ability to automate immediate recalls, protecting your business, your brand and keeping consumers safe. 

SOLOCHAIN MES and your business

SOLOCHAIN MES is a best-of-breed MES based is a Web-based technology that provides a scalable and easily adaptable platform.  SOLOCHAIN integrates the latest technologies for multi-mode operations data capture and communication. It provides a simple, fast and intuitive user interface which translates into better control, more mobility and increased productivity within the work force.   If you are manufacturing goods, SOLOCHAIN MES can bring value to your operations by giving you the capabilities that will give you a competitive edge as a world class manufacturing organization.