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Por Laurent Cochet
on 28 Aug 2018 10:11 AM

Managing loading docks in your warehouse is essential because it enables you to optimize truck loading and unloading and to improve the flow of inbound and outbound goods. What problems are warehouse managers faced with when it comes to dock management? How can you optimally manage incoming and outgoing trucks? Let’s take a look at the steps you need to follow for optimal dock management.


Dock management: How to find the right timing?

In warehouses, proper dock management is a way to optimally organize tasks in order to reduce wait times for trucks. Optimal organization is essential because it determines whether or not delivery times are met. In fact, dock management has an impact on unloading and loading operations. 

The less time trucks spend loading and unloading, the shorter wait times are. Therefore, we need to avoid delays at loading docks if we want to optimize delivery times.

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The availability of docks is at the heart of operations

In order to optimally schedule operations at loading docks, warehouse managers need to have visibility of the following:

To have real-time visibility over current and coming operations, warehouse managers need specially designed tools. Goal: to more efficiently manage the availability and assignment of docks.

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Work processes simplified with the Generix Group WMS

With the Supply Chain Hub WMS solution developed by Generix Group, warehouse managers can view the availability of docks in real time. The tool also offers an operational view of all inbound and outbound flows on docks in order to prioritize operations on the entire chain. It thus makes it possible to free up docks as quickly as possible so that the next truck can load or unload in a timely manner.
The dock management feature integrated into the Generix Group Warehouse Management System (WMS) enables you to:


The Supply Chain Hub WMS is a mobile app for the management and control of warehouses. It optimizes dock management in warehouse, but also controls resources and the tasks of forklift operators, manages the preparation of order waves, and efficiently schedules rounds. Want to find out more about Generix Group’s new solution, accessible on-the-go? Contact our sales assistants and request a demo! 


Discover the Generix Group WMS solution


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Laurent Cochet

Senior Principal Consultant, is developing Generix Consulting Services to accompany Customers in their Supply Chain Digital Transformation. He has a particularly strong expertise on Apparel and Footwear products lifecycles and E-Commerce logistics.