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Автор: Christophe Viry
on 17 Apr 2018 10:09 AM

An absolute must in logistics, electronic data interchange (EDI) is today being upgraded and integrated into cloud technology for better security and quality of service. Have you already migrated to SaaS? No matter what stage you are at in migration, here are a few best practices to help you transition to SaaS with peace of mind.


You haven’t started migrating your EDI system to SaaS

Rather than getting caught up in the technical side of things, you should approach the migration from an EDI solution to SaaS (Software As A Service) as a company project and focus on working on the functional aspects and simplifying the processes linked to the tool. As such, it is important to associate business departments affected by the migration with the preparation of operations (purchasing, accounting, suppliers, logistics). Their expectations and criteria for performance must be determined before tackling the technical aspects.
To guarantee project success, you must also ensure that management is involved. On the one hand, because the quality of an application for B2B exchanges impacts the company’s relationship with its ecosystem and partners.  And on the other, because you are going to need to make decisions, mobilize internal resources and facilitate communication among all the parties involved.
Finally, you will have to ensure that the skills necessary for migration are available internally and externally. To avoid delays, additional costs and drops in the level of quality and performance, you might need to seek assistance from an external developer or integrator who can provide you with all the skills you need.


You’re halfway there: what’s left to do

Before the technical deployment of a solution in SaaS mode, you must first anticipate the integration requirements for third-party applications running on your information system. Especially if they are run in premise mode, in other words hosted on a company server. In this case, we can consider a proof of concept (POC). In any event, you should precisely determine the requirements for connecting to the company network and the security constraints.
Always as an upstream phase to integration, you will need to elaborate relevant indicators and gauges that will allow your company to measure its return on investment. The task is complex and can be assigned to various actors: CIOs for the technical aspects, heads of the various business departments for assessing the consequences of flaws, etc.
Finally, in order to secure migration, make sure you allow for ample transition time. Various months or even more than one year are needed in one out of every five cases*. Try to take the time to test and stabilize the solution, especially in sectors where subcontracting is frequent (industries, construction and public works, etc.). Make sure you also spend enough time assessing the impact on your company’s partners.


The migration of your EDI is completed: time for an appraisal

Since implementing a new solution changes users’ habits, you need to carry out an analysis, after the fact, on the performance of the new solution. Even more so if it comes with changes to the company’s exchange processes. After migration, you should analyze the way users put the solution to use in order to calculate the gains in performance and return on investment.


After migrating a solution to SaaS mode, companies most often see improved quality and reliability of their exchanges, a guaranteed quality of services offered to users, and reduced costs. According to Best Practices*, 61% of companies that migrate to a SaaS solution make 20% to 50% in savings as compared to an on premise solution. So many benefits that they are not to be taken lightly. What are you waiting for? Start your migration today! For more information about the solutions we offer at Generix Group, contact our experts right away!



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*Source: Best Practices study on 80 companies that migrated their on premise EDI solution to a SaaS solution.

Image credit: Pixabay – Nikin

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