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Автор: Aurélien HENRY
on 22 Nov 2018 9:05 AM

In an increasingly competitive economy where instant gratification reigns and consumers are more demanding than ever before, manufacturers and retailers—or Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)—are flocking to external logistics providers. Business with 3PLs has become a highly strategic driver, since it lets both manufacturers and distributors focus on their core business, while also ensuring optimal delivery experience for end customers. Find out all there is to know about 3PLs in this kit.


Supply Chain: what perspectives for 3PL?

Customers have become highly demanding, and end consumers tend to seek new experiences while shopping online. To ensure they are treated to a fully seamless ordering process, they are placing more importance on logistics than ever before. And while product was king yesterday, this argument no longer holds water today. The solution for FMCG retailers and manufacturers is to use logistics to set themselves apart and build loyalty—which is where 3PLs come to the rescue. Here is the latest scoop.


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3PL and payers: the nearer, the better

Fewer partners, but expert partners: the trend today is headed in this direction for improved information system integration and solid business relations. The situation is highly favorable to 3PLs—so long as they continue to gain ground in the supply chain sector, new responsibilities will keep coming their way. A closer bond with payers is a direct result of this, helping to better coordinate logistics operations. What are the stakes of this closeness? Take a closer look. 


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3PL: All the flexibility of retailers

Today’s consumers are expecting retailers to take a stand on proactivity and flexibility. To manage uncertainty, 3PLs are becoming brands’ closest allies. But just how do they meet the transporter and logistics needs of their customers? Take a closer look at their solutions to improve your own proactivity.


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3PL: meeting the challenge of last-mile delivery

Urban logistics is a major consideration in national level transport. The problem is that the field conflicts with resident expectations regarding quality of life. From environmental friendliness to noise limits and city traffic, there is no lack of constraints for 3PLs, who must improvise to come up with a last-mile delivery that will meet consumer needs without affecting comfort. What possibilities exist moving forward? Have a look at some ongoing ideas in action. 


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The logistics market is taking off, welcoming 3PLs to the sector with open arms. Now that they are included in logistics strategies of multiple FMCG manufacturers and retailers, the stakes are high for the supply chain sector. Aware of their increasingly strategic role, Generix Group offers solutions that meet FMCG/3PL/retailer industrial collaboration requirements. To learn more, click the button below!


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Aurélien HENRY

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