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Why You Should Use Global Track & Trace
By Isabelle Badoc
on 09 Sep 2016 5:08 PM
  • eLogistics
A positive customer experience and supply chain management go hand and hand. Why is that? A well managed supply chain can improve the customer experience, as it limits the impact of potential risks. 
Monitoring in real-time and optimizing your flows from start to finish is a vital part in keeping your customers satisfied. Global track and trace allows you to accomplish this goal by efficiently managing your flows. Let’s take a look at why.

Identify gaps between expectations and reality

Considering the complexity of logistical processes, the expected amount of time for delivery, geographical concerns, and the different players involved, following your flows is a difficult task to manage. Knowing how to best follow them is a huge part of your success.
Thanks to track and trace, you can monitor your operations and those of your transporters. You are also able to provide your customers with an accurate and comprehensive tracking service, so they know exactly where their order is at any given point. 
If there is a difference between what is planned and what actually happened, you will have the tools to identify where in your supply chain problems occurred and to then find the best solutions.

Efficiently manage risks

As we all know, it’s nearly impossible to foresee and prevent every risk. However, the way in which they are managed makes all the difference when it comes to the customer’s experience. 
Simplifying exchanges among the different partners through a supply chain hub enables you to anticipate risks and hazards, react quickly, and minimize their impact on your customers.

Global visibility from start to finish

Having a global visibility of your logistics channel, from your suppliers to your clients, is the best way to protect your company from risks. Track and trace provides this visibility. By connecting all of your logistical partners, you are able to efficiently identify any potential hazards and quickly offer a solution.
Learn more about managing operational supply chain risks in our white paper (available in French).

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