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Warehouse Management Software (WMS) - Generix Group

Meet your match: An extended WMS for manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and 3PLs

Meet the adaptable warehouse management system (WMS) built to satisfy your demanding customers, both now and years from now. Customers usually expect more, rarely less. To help you keep ahead of the next thing your customers will want, Generix Group has built a flexible, adaptable warehouse management system. Its technology accommodates growth and change.

We call it an extended WMS in line with Gartner’s definition of core and extended WMS solutions.

Evaluate this WMS if you make or transform the goods you sell

Manufacture or process

Assemble or kit

Personalize or customize

It’s a solid match for companies that fulfill bulk or direct-to-consumer orders

With the Generix WMS, you can manage efficient, profitable fulfillment and shipping operations for direct-to-consumer (D2C), e-commerce, and omnichannel businesses.


A great match for companies in food, life sciences, replacement parts, electronics and other industries that require compliance, traceability, and tight control over inventory and process

Maintain detailed, rules-driven, real-time control over process flows and inventories:

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Also a good match for 3PLs who need flexibility to meet the warehousing needs of diverse customers

Run the software anywhere you like

You can operate the Generix WMS on premises, hosted, or in your private cloud. Or we’ll run if for you in the cloud as a SaaS application.

It’s your choice.


Expect benefits in 5 areas of your business

To justify the cost of a new WMS, consider these five areas of likely benefit:

The amount of benefit you can expect from any WMS depends on several factors:

Reap big rewards if you’re implementing a WMS for the first time

If you’re changing to a WMS from manual processes or spreadsheets, third-party studies suggest that you’re likely to achieve benefits like these:

Order accuracy of 99.9%

Increased picking productivity (20% to 40% gain)

Inventory accuracy of more than 99%

Expedited inbound activities (15% to 20% gain)

Improved use of warehouse space (10% to 20% gain)

Improve labor management

Reduce inventory levels and capital expense

Eliminate the need for year-end inventory

Reduce damage to inventory

Improve your performance by replacing your current WMS

Depending on your current WMS and operations, a new WMS is likely to help you improve all warehouse operating metrics. Specifically, it will help you:

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Enjoy the advantages of technology built for agility

Flexibility and configurability. With the Generix low-code platform, reconfigure business rules, processes, and material flows without having to revise code.

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Easy integration. Exchange real-time data with enterprise information systems and devices:

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Efficient, adaptable user interface

Get robust and flexible functional capabilities

Manage inventory across multiple sites

Configure the way you manage items

Configure your processes for managing orders

Achieve accurate, detailed, real-time traceability

Improve productivity and throughput with powerful real-time dashboards

Easily document your system’s configuration for effective testing, support, and training

Analyze, control, and optimize operations through comprehensive reporting and analytics