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Solution YMS

Yard Management System – YMS

Ensure on-time delivery

Improve punctuality, quality and visibility, even when volumes increase.

Use warehouse resources more efficiently

Synchronize operations in the yard with those in the warehouse. Optimize inbound and outbound operations while gaining visibility. Make the right decisions, quickly, while reducing reducing operating costs.

Improve carrier relations

Automate appointment scheduling and reduce driver wait times.  Track the implementation of transport specifications.


Generix YMS

When the volume processed on a site increases, stock densifies, operations speed up, daily trucks come and go by the dozen an...

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Schedule and optimize yard operations

When a site increases the volume of freight it processes, stock tend to accumulate. Operations speed up. Dozens of trucks come and go daily. It’s important to use docks and doors as efficiently as possible.
Your warehouse logistics team must anticipate and plan loading and unloading flows,  down to the smallest detail. For on-time delivery and optimal resource use, it’s crucial to synchronize warehouse operations with events in the yard. 
YMS is a collaborative tool for scheduling and managing the warehouse yard.



Organize and plan

Create loading and unloading tasks Manage multi-pick or multi-drop routes. Assign doors. Update delivery schedules.

Schedule appointments through the collaborative portal

Carriers choose their preferred time slot from a list of alternative times the system presents. The system calculates delivery appointments based on load type, product, trailer type.dock capacity.

Yard Events Management

Present schedule and status. Dynamically update events. Generate alerts. Change appointments. Do it all with drag-and-drop and geolocation.

Track the performance of carriers

Declare, integrate and timestamp events at each step onsite. s Create an audit trail of carrier service quality.

Provide real-time updates

Interface with ERP, WMS and TMS for real-time updates of information used in planning and managing operations.


SLA : Service Level Agreement


Minimum availability rate


Daily volumes managed 


Million lines

of preparation 

per day


million lines

of preparation 

per day