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Logistics Order Management System - Software | Generix Group

OMS Solution: Trigger purchasing and keep the customer promise

Attract, captivate, commit, delight

Your brand's new profile with the Logistics Order Management System to enhance the customer experience

Cement sales opportunities

Make sure your network's stock is visible, from suppliers to stores, and propose the most appropriate type of delivery

Reduce preparation and delivery costs

Prepare and ship from everywhere while keeping an eye on expense. OMS chooses the best circuit for each order

Power the promise and delight your customers

Today's new business models are built on innovation. They don't try to copy what already exists; they invent and implement new customer experiences.
Half of the customer promise is based on logistics service, where satisfaction depends essentially on the execution of delivery operations. Logistics OMS helps fulfill the customer promise, from formulation to implementation. It contributes to controlling execution costs and meeting ever-increasing service goals.



Calculate stock that's actually available

Take into account all movements at each site, in real time, and find stock levels instantly by date and by place prepared

Feed sales tools

Your website, market places and stores will be able to give customers information on the availability date of each item with confidence

Modify orders

Did the customer change his mind? For easy order changes, OMS holds the order portfolio upstream from the execution solutions

Choose preparation sites

Group, separate, split order lines, choose the preparation site and operate at optimal cost while preserving customer service

Track promise execution

OMS pushes preparation orders to the systems on relevant sites and centralizes all execution tracking information

Speed the reintegration of returns

Synchronize information on returns in OMS, whatever the customer site, and speed their resale


SLA : Service Level Agreement


Minimum availability rate


Daily volumes managed 


Million lines

of preparation 

per day


million lines

of preparation 

per day