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Solution Finance & Government Services

Finance & Government Services Solution: Comply with regulations and standards

Meet your regulatory obligations

Digitize easily, in compliance with legal obligations and established standards. Conform to requirements for BALE, CHORUS, RGPD, SEPA, SII, SOX, and others.

Overcome technical constraints

Support electronic signatures, timestamp, integrity, secure transfer and probative value archiving.

Manage your flow of information and goods. Make them more reliable

Secure your sensitive files. Ensure data traceability from financial, commercial, personal or medical sources.

Optimize how you collaborate with banks and government entities

Digital transformation requires compliance with many regulations and standards. With Generix Group Finance and Government Services, you can collaborate with financial and administrative partners while complying with fiscal, customs, commercial, social or financial constraints.

The Generix Supply Chain Hub administers and facilitates regulated data exchanges. Manage payment orders, tax returns, charitable contributions , excise duties, HAZMAT documents, food traceability, VAT, and more.

You can benefit from these Generix Group certifications of compliance: 2010/45 UE, 2014/55/UE, ASIP, BALE, CID, CPAM, EDIFICAS, eIDAS, GS1, ISO, MINEFI, GDPR, SOX, etc.



Secure data exchange with all your banking institutions

We support EBICS, ISO 20022, PESIT, SEPA and other financial standards so that you can manage your financial transactions, electronically, and with peace of mind.

Automate your customs declarations

Manage electronic customs declarations for products subject to excise tax, such as tobacco, alcohol or gasoline. Ensure CID certification.

Invoice your customers in government

Send your B2G invoices electronically. Connect to the main government platforms such as SII, CHORUS, SAFT or PEPPOL.

Simplify online declarations

Declare your customs, fiscal, financial or social obligations. Use a single, efficient platform.

Critical Data Transfers

Ensure more reliable data transfer with secure protocols. Manage Safeguard data with reliable and secure data transfer protocols

Secure sensitive data

Protect your critical data with encryption technologies, electronic signature, electronic fingerprinting, and access accreditation.


SLA : Service Level Agreement


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million lines

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