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Transport Portal Page

Steer delivery with the transport portal

Speed the chartering process
Plants, branches, etc., declare their transport needs on the portal. In return, the transport service gives them instructions.
Boost information feedback
Adjust your invoices according to timely feedback of real events. Quickly recover your delivery documents.
Reduce invoice control costs
Reduce expenses for transport invoice checking by sharing pre-invoicing with your subcontractors.

From request to execution, steer your transport

Most often, drivers are the physical contact point for your customers. Be sure to give them everything they need to represent your company in the best possible way. Use digital technologies to smooth daily relations and ensure transparency with your transporters, as well as with your transport service users (plants, branches, etc.).The Transport Portal boosts your transport service's ability to synchronize operations among the various participants and satisfy customers.


Create a transport request
The driver feeds the registered documents, photos and other file elements back to the portal using an onboard solution.
Request a transporter
The portal sends the transport request to the recipient, who can accept or refuse online once the message is received.
Track files
When the mission is accepted, detailed instructions are published, and the transporter declares mission-related events.
Document feedback

Le chauffeur remonte sur le portail les documents émargés, les photos et autres éléments utiles au dossier à partir de ses solutions embarquées.

Pro forma invoices are published on the portal for validation or modification, with justification by the service provider who carried out the mission.

Dock Booking

Carriers can book docks on-line. They can only see slots suitable for the type of freight and mission.


SLA : Service Level Agreement


Minimum availability rate


Daily volumes managed 


Million lines

of preparation 

per day


million lines

of preparation 

per day