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Solution Order Tracking

Easy Order Tracking for 360° visibility

Make better decisions, quickly

Use real-time data to proactively manage operational risks, safeguarding customer satisfaction.

Make better decision, gain a 360° perspective

Use information from all trading partners throughout the execution chain. Provide your customers with options. Commit to tasks and schedule that satisfy your customer.

Apply  and check your decisions 

Distribute new execution orders. Track their completion.  Measure your customers' perception of your performance.

Order execution and control

Differentiate your company and create customer loyalty by providing a superior customer experience.

Control your order management operations.

Connect with numerous participants in executing orders. Give each party visibility and the means to collaborate.

Provide loaders with full order tracking and collaborative management of events. Improve communication from supplier to plant and from warehouse to customer, for both domestic and overseas flows.



Connect all operations

Easy Order Tracking expands your customers' visibility beyond transport by connecting plant, warehouse and subcontractor systems.

Collect data

Easy Order Tracking accelerates data collection for all systems. It's open to APIs, web services and traditional interfaces.

Compare actual versus planned

Easy Order Tracking compares expected execution to actual execution. Then it pinpoints gaps and identifies the risks of late delivery.

Contextualize and interpret

Easy Order Tracking reconciles external data and internal references. It tracks important data points and transforms them into measurable insights.

Data Highlights

Easy Order Tracking organizes important information that can be easily accessed to affect decisions properly and efficiently.

Track and inform

Users can see detailed tracking of operations. They can decide whether to share operational status and events with their partners.


SLA : Service Level Agreement


Minimum availability rate


Daily volumes managed 


Million lines

of preparation 

per day


million lines

of preparation 

per day