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VMI Software - Vendor Managed Inventory

Stock Replenishment Software (VMI) : Make good use of customers' distribution data

Improve service levels

Reduce your inventory shortages by 50% in a few months.

Reduce the level of stock

Lower inventory levels from 30 to 50% according to product categories.

Benefit from the market leader’s expertise

Optimize your performance with our business experts and our 20 years of experience.

VMI Software - Stock replenishment

Without visibility, your Supply Chain has large gaps in performance and safety. By accessing customer data on distribution, you increase responsiveness and your ability to anticipate the volumes.

You improve the level of service to the consumer while helping to reduce distributors’ stock. This is the promise of VMI : Vendor Inventory Management, deployed by leaders of the PGC industry.

To increase frequency of deliveries while reducing transport costs, the SSH : Shared Supplies Management allows for the sharing of logistical and transport resources between several manufacturers in order to optimize their deliveries to common distributors.

With over 300 implementations of its solution of VMI and SSH : GPA-GMA/EWRPlus, Generix is the world number 1 in flows Collaborative Management.



Forecast management

Calculate your forecasts with daily information modulated by the weight of days of consumption or seasonal nature of sales.

Traditional supply

Place your orders in line with the demand, without risk. Optimize your purchasing budgets and develop your portfolio of references.

Pooled supplies

Accelerate the pace of your deliveries without increasing transport costs, reduce inventories by pooling your resources: warehouses, trucks..

Promotion management

Optimize replenishment of promotions, manage substitutions and schedule deliveries.

Seasonality and trends

React to seasonal peaks and sudden changes in trend, control the end of seasons, limit excess inventory and early shortages.

Calculate needs

Measure your supply needs based on forecast information, inventory, outstanding delivery and by logistics unit (cardboard, layer, palette).


SLA : Service Level Agreement


Minimum availability rate


Daily volumes managed 


Million lines

of preparation 

per day


million lines

of preparation 

per day