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Logiciel TradeXpress - Gateway B2B

TradeXpress Software : B2B Integration Gateway

Reduce integration costs

Lower your costs of possession to a tenth of the expense with a pragmatic solution

Simplify exchanges

Rationalise your structures around a single platform: EDI, MFT, BPM, EAI, and more 

Implement smoothly

Entrust your integrations to a solution of reference, with 3,000 installations in 25 countries

B2B Integration Software : TradeXpress

It is essential for your IT applications to be continually compatible with those of the partners of your ecosystem. Today, the execution and management of various business processes—product design, production, supplies, logistics, invoicing, and so on—require the integration of partners and information. The choice of a B2B Integration Gateway is fundamental, since it brings flexibility to professional projects, supports various forms of integration, makes use of new technologies and guarantees the management of electronic flows.

Generix TradeXpress is an integration platform that supports the various inter-application modes of mediation (EDI, B2B, MFT, ETL, EAI, ESB) to ensure the rationalization of your communication structure. Moreover, the software supports the management of regulated flows such as the fiscal dematerialization of invoices, and it features an on-board portal for collaboration with users in other departments.

Generix TradeXpress is based on four principal components: graphic workshops for the modelization of processes and interface programs; a multi-format conversion motor; 70 multi-field connectors (transport, security, ERP, BD, EDI/XML); and a management control panel for your IT teams and departments.
A platform of reference on the market, Generix TradeXpress is used by more than 1,000 companies, including 60% of the companies listed on the CAC40. The reputation of this software has been established based on its distinctive qualities: stability, openness, performance, ease of use and ease of implementation.



Modelise your integration processes according to your department's requirements

Configure your integration projects according to your department's requirements, management rules, events, notifications, workflow and alerts.

Unlimited format conversion

Transform all your electronic formats, regardless of source and target (EDI, ERP, Legacy, XML, BD, PDF, and more)

Always stay connected

Enjoy more than 70 connectors: transport, ERP (SAP, MS, Oracle, Sage, and more), security, databases, e-invoicing, and so on

Transport digital data

Supports 30 exchange protocols, including AS 1/2, EBICS T/TS, FTP, HTTP, JMS, OFTP 1/2, PeSIT, RNIF, WS, X.400, and more

Manage your electronic exchanges

Follow your activity with professional indicator dashboards

Manage your electronic exchanges

Manage your digital flows with a multi-service control panel: traceability, flow tracking, reprocessing, notification, archiving


SLA : Service Level Agreement


Minimum availability rate


Daily volumes managed 


Million lines

of preparation 

per day


million lines

of preparation 

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