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Sales Marketing Promotion, driving omni channel offers | Generix Group

Sales Marketing Promotion, driving omni channel offers


From a unique platform, define the sales marketing offers available in all or some of your sales channels


Provide the marketing teams with the means to model even the most complex sales offers easily.

Easier integration

The sales offers engine is easily integrated in your Information System using business web services based on technical standards.

Increase your commercial action capability

Your brand must be able to renew its offers, propose innovative services, and react quickly to consumer behavior.

Sales Marketing includes a powerful engine for easy building of omni channel offers that really stand out from the crowd (tier-based discounts, welcome pack, flash sales, etc.). These offers are anonymous or customized according to the customers, their profiles, the purchase amounts and in numerous other ways. They can be common to all the distribution channels, while also leaving a possibility to operate per entity (a store, an activity, etc.).

Sales Marketing broadens the action potential of the marketeers.



Centralized control

Define in a single point your offers for all your sales channels: time saving, no data re-entry, fewer errors, etc.


The "sales and offers" database is used to measure the omni channel effectiveness of campaigns.


With the creation assistant integrated in the engine, you can build varied and fine-tuned operations freely by acting on 5 points: customer, item, shopping cart, channel, time.