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Data Lake, key to analytics and predictive analytics

Data Lake, key to analytics and predictive analytics

Performance management

Bring dynamism to your performance analysis and forecasts, enrich them daily with your Supply Chain business data.

Operations planning

Improve your planning by analyzing the capacity of your resources based on the latest operational data.

Sustainable exploitation of operational data

Your operational data is very valuable and has a potential for exploitation that has not yet been fully defined. So keep it!

Predictive analytics and timely planning of Big Data

The data generated daily by your Supply Chain operations is a reservoir for understanding customer needs, improving performance or optimizing planning processes that you will still want to exploit in several years time.

Built on Big Data technical architectures and supported by the best security methods and strategies, Generix Data Lake offers data retention in its original format, allowing you to access it long lastingly, for a variable, up to unlimited, time.


Data Lake Features

Data format

Your operational data is integrated daily into Data Lake files and stored in its original format.

Storage life

Data files cannot be edited in the repository and are kept as long as you wish.

Recovering data

A secure process via notification allows the recovery/integration of files automatically or manually, in their original format.

Access security

Access to data passes exclusively through the recovery process, secure in a scalable way by the best methods of the Cloud.

Data integrity

No access to archived files is possible for your employees or ours outside of the secure recovery process.

Measuring and managing performance

Data Lake allows you to feed Business Intelligence systems - Analytics, Artificial Intelligence algorithms and forecast / planning solutions.


SLA : Service Level Agreement


Minimum availability rate


Daily volumes managed 


Million lines

of preparation 

per day


million lines

of preparation 

per day