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come organizzare un magazzino
By Laurent Cochet
on 17 Jul 2018 10:08 AM

In the Supply Chain, the challenges that warehouse managers have to take on are many. This could not be truer with the rise of e-commerce and the increasing volumes of orders that need to be prepared, especially since average orders vary between 1 and 3 items. Faced with a growing number of small orders, how can we effectively organize our teams of forklift operators? Here’s a review of the needs and solutions for managing these tasks in your warehouses.


A rundown of forklift operator management

Often working in teams, forklift operators are in charge of operating forklifts in the warehouse to store, transfer and remove items. Headed by a team manager, they perform all product maintenance and transfer tasks to fulfill the needs of recipients, order preparers, freighters and drivers.

For warehouse managers, managing forklift operators means optimally distributing resources based on priorities: assign available vehicles, distribute tasks to forklift operators on site.  All of this has a common aim: to transfer goods in the timeliest manner possible. Thus, for the sake of efficiency, you must have an overall view of your warehouse and how it is organized.

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Managers: what are their needs? 

To organize forklift operators’ tasks, warehouse managers need to have good visibility of current and future operations. Managers must resolve a variety of concerns: 

The idea is to be able to plan and follow the progress of tasks and ensure a day’s operations run smoothly, but also to prevent obstacles from appearing on the field. 


Improve management with the Generix Group WMS 

In response to the concerns of warehouse managers, Generix Group has upgraded its warehouse management solution (WMS) to provide a more user-friendly interface for an optimal management of operations. As such, the solution optimizes resource management and detects disruptions in real time in order to resolve the situation as quickly as possible, even on the go.
Each task attributed to forklift operators is recorded in a portfolio and assigned a priority coefficient to provide an overview of the tasks based on their degree of urgency. When the degree of priority changes for a task, the order of tasks is reviewed in order to allocate available resources to the most urgent operations. If needed, you can make bulk changes to priorities. 

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With the rising number of orders to process, warehouse managers need, more than ever, an efficient tool for managing the operations of forklift operators. The new Generix Group solution, accessible in real time from smartphones or tablets, facilitates mobility in warehouses so you can work more closely with your teams. But that’s not all: it can also manage resources, wave picking, rounds and loading docks. Want to find out more? Click below to discover the Generix Group WMS! 


Download product sheet for the Generix Group WMS


Image credit: Pxhere – Public domain

Laurent Cochet

Senior Principal Consultant, is developing Generix Consulting Services to accompany Customers in their Supply Chain Digital Transformation. He has a particularly strong expertise on Apparel and Footwear products lifecycles and E-Commerce logistics.